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Looking for travel agencies and tour packages in the Philippines? Exotic Philippines is trying to have them all in one place, and that is through here in the Exotic Philippines Tours - an online directory of Philippine tour packages by travel agencies in the Philippines.

See the lowest rate that travel agencies can give you right away. You don't have to go on different sites, search for all of them on Google because you can all find and compare them here!

Here's a quick tour!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do I need to pay you anything for using your directory?
No. It's all just for free for you!

How do I book a tour?
Exotic Philippines Tours is not a travel agency, it's simply a directory. So, you can't book the tour on the website but you can contact the travel agency that have the tour that you're interested in. Just use the form provided on that page, and they'll contact you once they have the answers.

How can I pay the tour I booked?
All other tour details and payments will be just between you and the travel agency.

Are there any booking fees?
No. It's all for free.

Can I write a review?
Yes, we'd love to hear from you. You may use the comment section on the page for the tour that you've booked and share your experience. Let everybody know!

What if the travel agency does not respond to my inquiry?
You may report it to us through our contact form, so we may contact them for you. If they won't respond to us we'll remove them on the database. But please do feel free to choose other tours instead.

What is a VERIFIED?
As a traveler myself and a travel blogger, I was able to get in touch and tried travel agencies to help me out with the itineraries. Yes, I'm not a DIY type of traveler.

Anyway, tour packages that have the symbol below are verified travel agencies. Agencies that have been tried, tested, and trusted by Exotic Philippines.
If you want to be secured and make sure that you're with a good travel agency, look for the symbol above. But sadly, there might be areas that we haven't tried any of the travel agencies yet.

What is a Group Tour?
Group tours are tours wherein you'll be mixed with other guests that booked the group tour. It will not be exclusively for you, or your family and friends. Group tours are usually much cheaper.

What is a Private Tour?
Private tours are tours that are exclusively for you. The car that will be used is exclusively for you or your group, and you'll not be grouped or mixed with others. For this reasons, a private tour is a bit expensive compared to the group tours.

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