Travel Agencies - How it Works?

Do you know? That there are at most 1,721,970 searches from English speaking countries (basing on US, UK, Australia, and Canada) on Google looking for Philippine tours last year, 2014? That is solely for the month of January, and the lowest was 1,079,820 searches for the month of September.

I'm a SEO specialist, and my clients for the past years have been all travel related. Maybe because I do travel, I am a travel blogger, but also I know the market. What if, I can help you get those people searching for tours in the Philippines?

The concept of the Exotic Philippines Tours directory is actually very simple. It's a directory for tours of travel agencies around the country (hopefully, I'll get most of them), wherein guests can just remain in one place (the website) and see what are the tours available for them to book.

Take a look at this illustration below:

We'll post your tour packages on the website, and guests can then directly contact you (via email) through our website's form that is dedicated to you.

So, it's as simple as (1) Apply for posting your packages on the website, (2) get processed and send your local tours that you wish to publish and share, (3) get inquiries from guests from the Exotic Philippines Tours site. It's like, we'll take care of marketing and you'll take care of convincing them to book your tour.

Why Exotic Philippines? is a travel, food, and lifestyle blog started on January of 2011. Running for 4 years now, it have been recognized as Cebu Top Blogs (Top #7 for 2013), AsiaRooms Hotel Review Guru of 2014, and have been nominated on other awarding bodies. Now, the blog have 6000+ fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, so just imagine the exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's in it for you?
I am NOT asking a fee per tour posting, or a commission per booked tour. As a travel agency, you have the following option.

(A) Pay Per Lead
 I'll ask a fee per email or inquiry sent to you via the inquiry form dedicated to your travel agency. It does not matter how many tours, how many number of heads, but we count per email/inquiry sent via our website.

Therefore, it is important that the one taking care or checking the e-mail have a great customer service and that will be able to convince the guests to book the tour at your agency.

(B) Pay Per Booking
It's a total opposite of the Pay Per Lead (PPL), with this option. It doesn't matter how many inquiries you get, since you'll be paying a fee only when there's a successful booking. Fee applies per head, per tour.

5 pax/persons + 2 Tours = 10
10 x FEE = Amount Due

How much is the fee per inquiry sent?
Fees per email/inquiry sent may range from P50 to P200, depending on the demand and market for your location.

What if the guest wish to cancel, can I get a refund?

For Pay Per Booking, when and how can I let you know it's a successful booking?
You may notify me via email, I'll also contact you few days before the end of the month, and lastly follow up with the guest and ask a review.

How will I know if the inquiry is from your site?
There's an email format that I used. From the subject and content of the email there will be a format that you'll right away can tell that it is from the site.

I can also track it from the website since I do have the same copy of the email.

How will I get the inquiries through your website?
Through the email. It will be sent to the email that you've provided us.

How can you guarantee that you're not the one entering the inquiry just to make money?
I can guarantee that I will NEVER do that, since I'm not that type of person. That kind of way can just damage my reputation, as an online marketer, blogger, and as a whole person.

What are your requirements to join?
We require you to fill out the form below and that you'll agree to pay a fee per email sent, and that you'll have a working email that you or your team from the company will regularly check.

When will I pay you?
After the end of the month. You'll be contacted for the due amount, and you'll be given a one (1) week allowance to pay the amount due. If you cannot pay on time but still willing to pay, please e-mail me and let me know.

Not being able to pay will mean a removal of all packages that you've asked to be posted on the website, being banned from the website, and notify the guests that have contacted you through us that we're no longer connected.

How can I pay you?
You can pay via PayPal or via bank deposit/transfer (Unionbank - EON).

What is the VERIFIED status?
In the form, you'll be asked if you'll wish to be verified or open to be verified. Verified Travel Agencies have the high advantage here.

The tour packages from verified travel agencies will be featured on the homepage until a new package from another verified travel agency comes in. Plus, they'll be marked with the symbol below along with the travel agency code provided by the website.
That symbol will also mean that Exotic Philippines have already tried the agency's services (e.g. tours) and met with the owner, representative, or have gone to their office in person.

To summarize, you are a TRIED AND TRUSTED travel agency by Exotic Philippines.

How can I get verified?
Getting verified will have an additional cost, I'm not asking for another fee but a sponsorship through touring me (and usually along with other bloggers - a total maximum of 3). You may mix us with your other guests (group tour) to save more, and specify how many you can sponsor.

It will not be done immediately, since other expenses like accommodation and transportation are shouldered by us.

Though there can be more than 1 person you'll be sponsoring, there's a huge benefit since they're bloggers. They will help in promoting your travel agency through a blog post on their own blogs (plus I'll also write one naming your travel agency on my blog, and sharing our experience with you), and live social media posting on our individual social media accounts.

Do you need any documents from us, to prove that we're an existing travel agency?
As of now, no.

What are your requirements in posting a tour?
You'll be provided a format or just take a look at the posted tour packages on the website. I need one (1) photo for that package (if you wish to be verified we can take care of this), and of course the details of your tour.

Is there any limit on how many tour packages we can post?
No, e-mail me every tour packages that you wish to be published on the website. But please make sure each tour packages are different from the other, don't just rename it. Again, there's no limit in posting your tour packages.

What type of tour packages can we post?
Local tours that you offer. Example, if you're based in Cebu, tour packages that we'll accept from you are Cebu tours (e.g. cebu city tour). No international or out of the country tour packages. Unless, there are few or none (that I can find online) travel agencies I can find in some areas, if you have a tour package for that area you may request to publish it.

Please note that we're a TOUR directory, so we only accept tours (that is without accommodation, airfare, etc.) but you may offer accommodation to the guest.

I can see that you're not posting the travel agency name, website, or other contact details. Why?
We're a directory, yes. But we're not a directory for travel agencies, but we're a directory for tour packages of travel agencies.

You cans still identify that the tour package posted is yours or not, is through the travel agency code.

What is a travel agency code?
It's like an ID number, created solely for your travel agency.

How to Join?

To start, just fill out the form below and you'll receive an email from me.

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